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«The History of Land Transport» – scientific journal.

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Issued from 2015.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Kirill V. Koksharov[Россия], Aleksei N. Terentev[Россия]The Study of Characteristics of Six-Stroke Engine2015, September814
2Dmitriy V. Kudinov[Украина]Strikes of White- and Blue-color Railway Workers at Sumy and Basy stations in 19052015, September809
3Nataliya A. Shevchenko[Россия]The Development of the Railway Network on the Black Sea (1914-1953 years)2015, September793
4Petr V. Kabanov[Россия], Aleksei N. Terentev[Россия]The Study of Characteristics of Two-Stroke Engine with the Crank-Purge Valve2015, September751
5Taras L. Cherniy[Россия], Aleksei N. Terentev[Россия]The Boxer Engine Cylinder Capacity of 1,5 Liters with Turbocharging2016, March593
6Andrey A. Gaynullin[Россия], Aleksei N. Terentev[Россия]The Engine Working Volume of 1,6 Liters Combined with a Combined Supercharged2016, March587
7Ia Shiukashvili[Грузия]The Development History of the Global Electric Vehicle Industry2016, March568
8Eugene A. Knyazev[Россия], Aleksei N. Terentev[Россия]The Ways of Increase the Efficiency of the Internal Combustion Engine2017, June336
9Nikolay V. Koshcheev[Россия]A 1.6 Liter Hydrogen and Petrol Engine2017, June330
10Georgii Giorgadze[Грузия]The Development of Transport Infrastructure among Cities with a Cultural Heritage (on the example of Tbilisi, Georgia)2017, June324

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